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why 16b/48KHz is enough codec comparison chart


Class D Audio SDS-470 : review, Class-D Q&A Quad 405 an here's a clone (suppodedly)

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Kali Audio Ascend Acoustics CMT-340 SE Cliffhanger Audio Systems CHS-2 ClefADS L990ADS commentaryGoldenEar Triton !
from ASR: igood domes 17 Jan 2019, 6speed

Room Eq

ASR thread spinorama charts AutoEq multiple SUBs

test tracks

Brown Shirt
[Nils Logren]
Kieth Don't Go
[Laurie Anderson]
My Compensation
Ghosts,   Here We Come,   teaser.1,   Autioitu 1
Upside DownFeels Like Home, Adele: 1 & only 1, Rolling in the Deep
Morgan James: Hallelujah, Sledgehammer, Sadhua Sanga Ecstasy, Holly Cole, Misterioso #2, Sonja XV, Imagination; Inka Gold , Elysium, Justice League, Depeche Mode: Stripped, remastered, Dope Noir, iWhen I Was a Young Girl, Flight of the Cosmic Hippo, Duende (file)
Fly Like an Eagle, Mahler: Symphony No. 5, Rim Shot, Heifetz prostudiomasters

Hardware addons 4 Khadas tone bd USB filter IoT outlet

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db/volt calculator
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Why 24/192 encoding is not needed
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BullsEye 1,2,3 primer/sealer Gen II Sonicaps wood filler Dayton Audio UMM-6 USB mic Duratex